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By marking the credit bureau entry as done, you have a realistic chance of getting a loan to buy the house. Loan repayment under family law A group living together (not a contract) acquires a house.

He can only get the loan if she is a guarantor.

Now he demands that the 50/50 split be made after the repayment of the loan. The two enter into a joint contract with a construction company for the construction of a house and a joint credit agreement with a house bank for accommodation.

The loan was taken out at my own bank, where my own deposit was also directed. The loan was taken together during the wedding and her life. Hello, my ex-boyfriend and I have built a house and everyone owns one or two halves of it. After all, he is in the loan agreement.

This loan applies to mothers A and X, so the house is on loan. Mother A wants to give the X. the rest of the building. Should Mother A Son X rather give up the house? This will replace the bank loan for the first house (about 110,000?), Another part will flow into the new house, otherwise other purchases will be made.

To secure the loan, mortgages are registered in both houses in favor of the mothers (100,000 for the first house, 100,000 for the second house, 200,000 for the second). With reference to the first house debt registration and his estate, the man is now claiming his ex-wife 1) Repayment of loan installments from the beginning of 2006 up to and including April 4, 2009 (54,000?) 2) Further disbursement of loan installments to him from this year. We have acquired a house during the marriage, husband are 50% deposited in the cadastre.

This house has been awarded a loan signed by both partners.

This house has been awarded a loan signed by both partners.

Question: Since the loan was used jointly and individually, the man is still entitled to reimbursement of half installments and reimbursement? We want to rent a house. Besides, we need a loan from the banks.

Should they both sign the loan contract or just the lady, since she is the owner of the building? However, repayment was only possible by taking out a new loan. Can I use this credit note set for the maintenance invoice? 2) The house has been paid by me for 20 years. The house is refinanced by a private loan and is therefore debt free.

The woman could complete a loan on her own and give the man the house for the same amount of 16 euros: Is there a way to prevent the house from foreclosure? The house was financed only by a man or whose guardians have signed the loan. The repayment of the loan, the cost of ancillary services (electricity, water supply).

The entire household goods were taken out of the house by the wife without prior consent. A house was built for which a EUR 279,000 loan has been made (both parties are included in the lease). Thus, the own funds to 120,000 and the loan amount 279,000 How are the circumstances now when it comes to divorce?

A marriage contract does not exist and our colleague A wants to stay in the house. One year ago we bought a house. Now that the division has taken place, the house is to be auctioned off. What revenue do the two parties 1 and 2 from the proceeds of the sale of the house? This is his house, he pays the loans in his name.

In the meantime the house has become larger and probably also more valuable. Is the house a self-esteem? He keeps the house and pays the partial payments. The equipment is also zero, except for the house. We have taken out a loan of 23000000 EUR for the house (18000000 for the house, 50.000 for the land).

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